Warwick Events

Emma from Warwick Events approched Identity Studio with a very particular dilemma…

Project Details

Client: Warwick Events

At 7 years old, which is relatively young in the destination and events sector, Warwick Events wanted the branding to reflect where the company was at that point and where it aspired to be in 5 years i.e. providing a joyous, bespoke experience to overseas clients.
This rebranding project came with it’s onw unique challenge,having recently moved offices from Warwick to Stratford-upon-Avon, the organisation was keen to retain its name but play down the geographical element.

During our conversations with the team, the important aspect of caring about the clients’ experience, and the fine details of the events, kept rising to the fore so it was paramount to us that we solidify that into the core branding.

The Solution

It needed to encompass the personality of the company that is run by fun, honest, intuitive, caring people who handcraft individual experiences for every personality attending their events.

We explored a variety of solutions, many incorporating tradtional British iconography to appeal to the overseas market. We placed emphasis on the initials of the company W and E then combined this with ‘Care‘  to make a bold statement. Developed into a stamp it really captured the handcrafted bespoke solutions the company delivers.

Branding for ‘a different type of event company’.

The brand identity for Warwick Events needed to be flexible enough to work across a variety of events, media and commonly used items.

The bold design enabled the logo to remain distinctive no matter the final colour used in product production.

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