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Choosing the stock (that’s paper to you!), the typography, the colours, the illustrations and images. Wow, we just love graphic design for print! There’s something incredibly satisfying about the tactile nature of a publication.

We can get creative but we’re equally happy working within your brand guidelines. Although creativity is paramount to our business, it’s definitely not at the expense of a strong marketing message. Whatever the piece, you should never lose sight of the goal.

Quality is key at Identity Studio and, as they say in the trade, no job is too big or too small. It is important to our dedicated team that any project is handled and delivered with excellent care and consideration – regardless of budget.

The digital age of graphic design

With the growth in mobile and tablet devices, it’s easy to overlook the good old-fashioned printed word. Likewise, we are bombarded by more digital communications with the ever-increasing growth of social media channels.

However, with time becoming ever more precious, there’s still much to be derived from sitting down and poring over a great piece of print. A lovely piece of graphic design with a beautiful finish can be more impactful and permanent than an easily-discarded eshot or tweet.

Whatever the piece, it should reflect your brand and encapsulate the personality of the company. A boring business card can easily get lost in a pack of hundreds gathered at a business show. Make yours special! Make it stand out and, above all, be remembered!

We treat each graphic design project as an opportunity to connect with your clients. As such, we make sure your brief is central to our solution. This involves discovering what your expectations and objectives are when creating any marketing material.

Simple, well thought-out decisions can make all the difference between a successful piece and a flop. Which substrate or stock will you use? What size will the finished piece be? What finish will it have? Velvet laminate anyone?

Beautiful packaging conquers all

Part of the success story that is Apple, is the fact that no element was overlooked when creating their products. Suddenly, a less than cutting edge product dressed in the most beautiful packaging can be forgiven. Okay, maybe not batteries that died after the latest upgrade. But never underestimate the power of a beautifully-produced piece of graphic design.

Our skills are diverse and range from brochures and exhibition stand design, business cards, stationery, guides, posters and packaging to all manner of varied and wonderful printed projects.

Our Process

Firstly, we begin by discovering exactly what you you need. Sounds simple but we listen to precisely what you want. Listening is key because then we delve deeper into what the end goal of the piece is. Any piece of graphic design should have a solid function. What is the call to action? What do you want your customer to do or feel upon receipt of the piece?

Once we’ve discovered what you are trying to achieve, we explore the job from your customers’ angle. What do they expect? What appeals to them? What inspires them?

Once we’ve explored your goals and your customer profile, we devise the solution. It may differ from the initial thoughts as all of our experience and creativity comes to bear. You will be consulted throughout to ensure the solution meets the brief. Furthermore, any solution would adhere to the budget and brand guidelines.

Style over Substance

Many great design agencies have lost direction over time as they strive for more awards or accolades. At Identity Studio, we always place the client and their target audience at the top of our priorities.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.William Morris

Great advice from William Morris. However, I’d state that all graphic design should be both useful and beautiful. Beautiful and eye catching, worthy of awards but we never, ever forget that it has a use. It should inform and delight but also adhere to the brief of why it was commissioned.

Identity Studio always aims to over-deliver. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and create graphic design that wows both you and your customers.

So if you’d like to have a chat about your graphic design print project – please get in touch.

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