Leam Food Fest

A vibrant exciting event in Royal Leamington Spa’s annual calendar, when it came to a rebrand it was important to capture the energy of the weekend.

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Client: Leam Food Fest
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The Royal Leamington Food Festival was in its 15th year and continued to go from strength to strength, Rather than rest on their laurels BID Leamington approched Identity Studio to reinvigorate the branding and website of the festival to ensure its contuinued success.

Leam Food Fest Logo
Royal Leamington Spa Logo

We began by redesigning the logo. Utilising the ‘Leam’ from the Royal Leamington Spa logo, which was constucted using multiple fonts, we then expanded this idea to create the ‘Food Fest’ element, constucting some of the additional letters from food stuffs. 

Leam Food Fest Live Kitchen

When designing the website we focused on capturing the energy, excitement and joy that surrounds the festival. We detailed the programmes that were happening each day and showcased the exhibitors. This made the responsive website, available on phones, a must have guide – keeping visitors up to date on what’s happening.

Leam Food Fest Home
Leam Food Fest Logo
London Underground Advert

A printed version of the programme suplemented the online information for attendees, incorporating a site map and exhibitor listing.

As always part of the success of the festival is due to the ease of access from London, a simple hour and fifteen minutes from Marylebone to Leamington station. So the campaign was backed up by advertising on the London tube. And a special competition was run to encourage train travel.

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