Event Marketing

Whether your event is to be held in the UK or Europe, we love event marketing.

We can either manage your complete show or just provide one of our many services for event marketing including: stand design, websites, press advertising, signage, event guides, mini-guides, programmes, venue dress-up, signage, merchandising, e-marketing and newsletters.

Event marketing, branding, dress-up or just a few roller banners. Whatever your requirements, we are happy to discuss your needs. Identity Studio has vast experience in organising events. Regardless of the size or scale of the event, we can devise a solution.

First of all, we meet with you to ascertain the scope of the project. Once the scope is established, we identify what the key messages are. What is it you want the delegates to take away from the event? Who are the delegates? What motivates them?

Constructing a robust and coherent timeline is vital. Setting milestones will ensure we all stay on track and everything is delivered on time. When do you need to send out invitations? Launch tickets? Last call? Identity Studio can manage the entire planning process if you require assistance.

Establishing the delegate profile enables us to communicate your message in the right manner. Some groups respond well to digital media, while others prefer printed material or direct conversation. Therefore, we tailor any solution to suit your budget and your audience. Most noteworthy, we can deliver the message across multiple channels: email, social media, digital campaigns, advertising, blog or news articles, partners or sponsorship, press releases, and influencers.

Event Marketing

Our expertise can be utilised to help find the venue, plan audio visual experiences and organise catering, as well as other peripheral services.

However, we really excel in event theming and branding. Providing printed material; be that signage, guides or delegate gifts. Managing online bookings, either by creating a microsite or adding functionality to an already existing website.

Placing ourselves in the shoes of the delegate and doing a walkthrough is our idea of heaven. After all, it’s the details that count, and we’re here to make sure your event is a resounding success.

Great design + practicality + attention to detail = great events. And we adore that combination.

Your guests’ experience should be as smooth as possible, right from the start. From booking their ticket or receiving their invitation, to leaving the venue, we can ensure your delegates want for nothing.

Multilingual Solutions

Multilingual events are also within our skill set. Arranging translations, and baking those translations into the theme, is something we are very familiar with. Let us take away the stress of handling multiple translations. Whatever the language or challenge, we are capable of delivering on time and on budget.

Memorable Times

Above all, whether your event is a launch, employee reward or training experience; whether the attendees are there through choice or required to be, we can guarantee they’ll have a truly memorable time. Messages that need to be communicated will be done so succinctly and will remain on point. Most importantly, any message will be exciting and memorable.

If you have an event that requires any of the skills mentioned above or even some that are not – please get in touch.

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