Complex Development Projects

A company drawing on 30 years of experience in the regeneration of urban areas CDP needed a website that could convey long term projects. Some spanning many years, some decades.

Project Details

Client: Complex Development Projects
Skills: ,

The website design needed to be able to tell the story of projects from original rundown locations, through concept art, all the way through to completion and beyond.

In doing so it needed to nurture and encourage local communities effected by upcoming and potential change, that the projects were in good hands.

Presenting projects

Presenting new project and crucially updates to ongoing developments was very important.

The backend of the site needed a solution that was relatively easy to create and add to over time.

Quick updates, via press releases and various awards secured also needed to be easy to update.

The layouts of the projects are great and I think the drag and drop function behind the scenes really help.

~ Jo Truslove, Marketing & Engagement (Consultant)

Thanks for all your help with this too, very rarely have we had an internal project where our office based discussions haven’t lead to us wanting to totally change everything! So congratulations on listening to the brief and producing work that has not caused internal conflict!

~ Jo Truslove, Marketing & Engagement (Consultant)

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