Identity Studio worked hand in hand with the British Poultry Council to shape, launch and expand their ongoing campaign. Produced to engage the public and industry, whilst targeting the Government to deliver a sustainable food strategy.

With the first major review of the nation’s food system in 75 years now underway, the British poultry meat sector is well placed to contribute towards a ‘National Food Strategy’ to ensure that food supply is seen as a national security issue. The ‘Food On Every Table’ campaign highlights the country’s responsibility to ensure everyone, including the most vulnerable has access to safe, nutritious and affordable British food

Working closely the British Poultry Council the campaign was built from the ground up, from the initial campaign branding and copywriting style through to the visual devices required, and continue to, get the message across.

TheBritish Poultry Council are extremely proud that the campaign launch has been shortlisted for the UK’s prestigious 2019 Public Affairs Awards!

~ Shraddha Kaul, Public Affairs and Public Relations Manager – British Poultry Council

Creating the campaign

After initial discussions digital elements were created to engage the public through various infographics and concept videos for social media and a dedicated micro website, designed to be expanded upon when needed.

Using animation was important, with the animated logo being used on various digital devices, to provide a strong brand across the campaign.

At the heart of the campaign was the aim to lobby the government to deliver a sustainable food strategy. A timetable was created to include various physical items, such as branded plates for ’roundtable’ industry events.

Printed items government officials and industry leaders, could takeaway, along with other ‘photo opportunity’ elements individuals could show their support were created and planned for.

Identity Studio were intrinsic to the campaign, from concept to the ongoing delivery of the message through various considered platforms and devices. Working with some often very tight, and sudden, deadlines we were always impressed with the time and dedication we were given.

~ Shraddha Kaul, Public Affairs and Public Relations Manager – British Poultry Council

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