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What is branding? Well, it isn’t complicated. Branding started out as just that – simply a way to identify one person’s cattle from another by using a hot iron stamp. A brand identity is a way of distinguishing a specific product, service or business.

A brand identity is the sum of all the parts that you use to advertise your business. Consequently, it’s made up of the company name, logo, fonts and colours that you use on a signage, your website, a business card etc. Therefore, it’s important to create a consistent look and tone of voice for your company. Above all, something your customer can instantly recognise and relate to.

Branding helps to identify the personality and values of a product, service or company. In other words, it’s a means of relating to customers, employees, partners, investors, etc. Certainly, we at Identity Studio examine a branding project from your target audience’s point of view.

We don’t just deliver you a logo and say, “That’s it!”

1 Fact Finding

First of all, we have a meeting with you to understand what you’re trying to achieve.

At this point it is vitally important for us to identify key indicators. What is your product or service? What are your objectives? Who is your target customer? What do you see as the future for your organisation?

At Identity Studio, we find it beneficial to get key stakeholders involved at this point. Crucially, getting their input into what the brand means to them. As a result, they will feel included in the change process.

Having a great deal of experience working with large teams helps us to manage this journey. Running branding workshops, and feeding results back into the focus groups, can be a great research tool.

As a result, we develop a brand identity that works for you. Equally it works for the business. And more importantly it appeals to your customers.

2 Research

Next, we research your customers and competitors. Knowing what your customer likes and what inspires them is invaluable. Discovering what’s going on in your industry and the greater design world is equally important.

Staying fully aware of the design landscape ensures we deliver a final brand that has longevity and meets your requirements.

3 Developing Your Brand Identity

Using the benefit of all this research, the new brand identity is then developed. No element that makes up the finalised logo or brand is included without full justification and evidence.

Colours, fonts, shapes and words can all provoke an emotive response. Using these triggers, we can create a brand identity that evokes a positive feeling from your customers.

After the above steps are complete, we formulate a branding proposal. Designs will include a colour palette, fonts, imagery, your current key material and yes, a logo or three!

Consequently, we will then work up a favourite, placing the logo into visuals of your material. As a result, you get to see the full impact of the new branding.

After feedback we then hone it further. Thus giving you the perfect solution to achieve your business goals.

4 New Branding

Once you are satisfied, we provide you with your set of master logos. These will be in multiple file formats and may include logos in both portrait and landscape. Similarly, there may be different colour variations depending upon the agreed solution.

Finally, brand guidelines can be developed if required. Ensuring multiple stakeholders maintain a consistent brand image. This may include, do’s and don’ts for the logo, setting a ‘tone of voice’ as well as referencing the colour palette and typefaces required.

Fun and Fulfilling

Creating a brand is exciting and should be a rewarding, fun experience. Ultimately delivering a new brand identity that empowers you and inspires your clients.

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