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With over 30 combined years of website design experience, we can ensure there is a seamless transition from your existing website to your new one.

A small, friendly, well-established company, based in Devon and Staffordshire. Collectively, Identity Studio has been building better websites in the UK for almost 30 years.

We can develop a new website that delivers all of your requirements.

Built using WordPress, we will ensure that the website is developed on a strong open source platform.

Why WordPress?

WordPress constantly evolves, responding swiftly with updates to stay abreast of the latest code and browser developments. An open source platform, WordPress is free to install. Resulting in just over 30% of all websites on the internet being built on the WordPress platform. And there are currently nearly 2 billion websites online!

Many developers or agencies support WordPress websites, providing you with peace of mind for the future of your site. WordPress is a content management system (CMS), giving you full editing capability of your website. You manage the content. It’s that simple.


First of all, we discover your requirements, including design, functionality and technology. Exploring your business thoroughly is crucial to make sure we don’t overlook anything. Where is the business currently? Where is it heading? What are the challenges? What do we want the website to achieve? Who are your customers? What appeals to them? What do they expect?

Based on your answers, we then do our own research into current website technologies, styles and trends. Looking at your competitors enables us to see what works, what should be avoided and what isn’t yet being utilised.

Our solution is then tailored for you and your target audience with everything crafted in-house by our talented team.

The Build

Our aim is to give you as much control as you can handle so that you can respond quickly to you customers’ demands.

As a result of all of this research, we then begin the website build. Any build would be on the WordPress platform to enable you to have as much control as you feel comfortable with. It’s important to us that you can control almost every element of your website if you wish. Most noteworthy, is that you can do so with no coding knowledge whatsoever.

Every website we create is fully responsive. Consequently, they perform perfectly on any browser or device. Mobiles and tablets are a significantly growing market. So much so that Google now gives far greater weight in its search results to websites that are responsive.

Empowering You

With the website built, and ready to go live, what next? Once built and thoroughly tested, we train you on the CMS (content management system) so that you can manage all of your website’s content. Regarding maintenance, we offer an ongoing package to ensure maximum uptime.

Website Hosting

We provide a range of website hosting packages. This is a direct result of designing websites. Our hosting packages are bespoke for each client, ensuring maximum efficiency and uptime.

Putting you in control is important to us. Therefore, if you wish to host the website elsewhere, this is perfectly fine with us. You own the site and it’s yours to do with as you wish.

Further Functionality

Additional functionality can be added to your website after the initial build. If your business model shifts, if your customer requirements change, the website can grow with you. Whether it’s a blog, online shop (ecommerce solution), or members’ forum, both WordPress and Identity Studio have the solution for you. Guaranteeing that we can respond to virtually any future demand you may have.

More than just Website Design

When developing a new website design, it’s important that you have in mind exactly what you are hoping to achieve. Most noteworthy, what is the call to action? Once there, is it obvious what you want your visitor to do? Long gone are the days where your website is just an online version of your brochure. You need a clear call to action that will convert visits into positive responses for your business.

In addition to designing, building and hosting websites, we can also populate them with search engine-friendly text if copywriting text isn’t your thing.

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