Entrust Care Partnership

The Trust does incredible work meeting the needs of disabled children, young people, adults, and their families and carers through the provision of various activities, support, training, advice and brokerage.

Project Details

Client: Entrust Care Partnership
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View: entrustcarepartnership.org.uk

After detailed discussions with the client it was decided the website needed a totally new look and feel to get over what they were about and what they can provide.

The website needed to be engaging and uplifting, showcasing all the great work the organisation did, whilst providing inspiration and hope for visitors.

The first design element became creating a new colour palette for the organisation expanding on the basic two colours from the provided logo, that required keeping.

This expanded palette allowed us to work towards a more engaging feel to website and supporting artwork.

Entrust Home
Entrust Who

Engaging visitors

Using the new colour palette a series of characters were developed to resonate with visitors in a fun way without being overly specific in detail, as some photography could.

Creating the website

The website design came together well providing a friendly visually identity. Following simple website training, it allowed the staff to quickly add their own download files, photo galleries and new items easily behind the scenes.

There is also an integrated donations page allowing people to support the charity financially easily from the website.

Entrust Roller Banner

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