You understand your business. We understand how to make it interesting to your audience.

Here at Identity Studio, we know that copywriting probably isn’t your core skill or at the top of your priorities – particularly when you’ve got your own business to run.

Let’s face it though… you could have the best looking brochure, advert or website but if the words contained in them don’t make sense, then all that design work (and money) has been a total waste of time.

That’s why we provide copywriting as one of our key services.

Copywrting - Members Pages

We often find that you may be too close to the product or service you are promoting to write clearly about it. We specialise in looking at your complete marketing piece from a potential customer’s point of view. That includes making sure the content not only makes sense to the reader but also resonates with them.

How do we do this?

Well, for a start we listen to you, we find out what you want to achieve from your project and who you are targeting. Then we’ll offer advice on how best we can help you achieve your objectives through the copy. The next step may entail more research or interviews with key members of your organisation to draw out the benefits of your service or product.

Next comes the actual pen-to-paper bit. For a time, we’ll aim to be experts in your field so we can write with clarity and without alienating your customer with business language, technical terminology or dreaded acronyms. Don’t worry, every industry has them!

Whether it’s creative copy for advertising or keyword-rich content for your website, Identity Studio is here to help. So if you want help writing engaging copy call Maxine on 01926 777701.


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