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Graphic design for print

Choosing the stock (that’s paper to you!), the typography, the colours, the illustrations and images. Wow, we just love graphic design for print! There’s something incredibly satisfying about the tactile nature of a publication.

We can get creative but we’re equally happy working within your brand guidelines. Although creativity is paramount to our business, it’s definitely not at the expense of a strong marketing message. Whatever the piece, you should never lose sight of the goal.

Devon inspires great design

Since relocating our home and studio to Tavistock in Devon in 2018, we have never felt so inspired creatively. Our studio is located on the outskirts of town where Tavistock bleeds into Whitchurch so it’s not uncommon to find us strolling across Whitchurch Down, either heading off to one of Dartmoor’s many Tors, dogs in tow, or just taking a few minutes to clear our minds and once again allow the creative juices to flow.

If you’re not local, and hopefully if you’re reading this you are, then you’ll have to take our word for it that there really is no better way of blowing away that brain fog of confusion created by the stresses or toils of daily life, than grabbing the dogs’ leads and striding briskly up the lane to tread out over the best nature has to offer in the form of our wonderful Moors.

Graphic design solutions

A walk on the Moors clears the mind and allows it to soar and marvel at nature’s beauty. It’s truly refreshing and once we’re ensconced firmly behind our trusty iMacs, the clarity derived, free from everyday clutter, really enables to deliver creative and varied graphic design solutions.

Sometimes being able to step away from a problem and a creative block helps to remove the stress and, ultimately, gives space to view the design opportunity from a different angle.

Every marketing problem you face presents us with an opportunity to deliver a new and exciting creative solution. So if you’re looking at new ways to engage with your customers, give us a call at Identity Studio and we’ll examine your situation with a fresh pair of experienced eyes and see if we can’t deliver original, exciting graphic solutions to delight your clients.

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