What Makes a Good Website Great?

Easy answer: Quality Content! And there are three basic types:

What Makes a Good Website Great?

What Makes a Good Website Great?

  • Established – that’s copy with a shelf life, but remember it’s not just purely about selling online
  • Fresh – try your best to keep content newsworthy and interesting… it can be surprisingly easy, especially if you can import a Twitter or Facebook feed into your site
  • Sticky! – special extras like Callbacks, Recommend a Friend, Virtual Reality and Live Chat can all add interactivity to your site, provided they have a genuine purpose. And we’ve done them all!

The answer lies in engaging your customers and website users effectively.

Give them the information they want quickly…. even before you try to sell anything to your visitors.

  • Don’t just do online advertising or propaganda (it’s the last thing surfers want to see).
  • Brochureware – unless it’s part and parcel of a bigger and better site, don’t just place an exact replica of your company brochure online.
  • Keep disclaimers small if you have to use them at all
  • Don’t do mission statements… EVER… Or bury them if it’s absolutely necessary and just for the chairman’s benefit!

Why Choose Identity Studio to write, design and build your new website?

Here are just nine reasons:

  1. Probably the best website design agency in the West Midlands. OK, that’s subjective. But check out some of our work and, anyway, this is not the time or place for false modesty!
  2. You don’t even have to write your own websites. The whole process starts and ends with us.
  3. We do top-notch website designs and innovative animations to make your site stand out from the crowd.  And we’ve produced website banner ads for many leading .coms and online magazines
  4. We do Virtual Reality websites (again where the use of VR actually enhances a site or gives users insight into what’s inside).
  5. We can further enhance websites with all kinds of useful downloads, from “flipviewers”  to  standard PDFs for easy printing or Word and Excel documents, or even games if you feel the need!
  6. When you don’t have your own digital images, we’ll do it for you – we’ve a professional photographer to hand at all times.
  7. When you don’t have any imagery at all – and photography just isn’t an option, we can create images from scratch.
  8. We can host your site and provide email services on our own managed server, with 24/7 technical support through our ISP partners Intuitive IT.
  9. Last but never least… you may have the best website in the world, but you must promote it professionally and ethically with search engines. We’ll get you started on the right road and then, again using specialist partners, we’ll help you professionally promote your website in lots of ways.



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