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Interest in Pinterest? What is it?

By Mark Hudson
March 27, 2015

It had to happen, the internet has become the go-to place for every bit of information. Be it researching medical symptoms, what song is on that advert, even a discussion in a pub over who played the original Demelza in the 1975 BBC adaptation of Poldark. So when Pinterest was launched in March 2010 it quickly staked it’s claim as our online equivalent to the good old scrapbook.

Because that is essentially all Pinterest is, a collection of all the ‘cool’ visual things we have discovered whilst surfing the web. Your scrapbooks, or boards – using the official terminology – can containing anything you find on the internet. Meaning you could be busy!

Naturally life is made simple, with the introduction of themed boards. You can easily create hundreds of themed boards dedicated to all the amazing architectural and interior design pieces (you can never afford). A collection of aspirational holiday locations you have found during your online travels. Simply a collection of wedding ideas, grouped together, featuring all the table decorations ideas you like. Rather than print it out, simply Pin It to your ‘Wedding Inspirations’ board, and you have a ready-made collection you can refer to at any time.

Be Social

Being part of the social media revolution, you can be as social or antisocial as you wish, and naturally it is all free of charge.

Make all your boards public and people can leave comments, Re-Pin your pins. People can follow your boards. You can follow their boards. So when you visit your Pinterest home page you are greeted by all the latest Pins on subject matters you are keen on. You will find hundreds of boards already in place, on all manner of subjects that you can simply follow – saving you the trouble of scouring the internet. Let someone else do the hard work for you, simply follow their boards. Having said that, you always feel a little self-important when you find out someone has repinned something you have discovered and pinned yourself.

You can even invite friends to Pin to your boards so if they find the perfect sofa during their digital journeys, they can Pin It to your ‘Dream Interiors’ board.

Not feeling so social? If you want to keep your Wedding Dress inspirations a secret, create a Private Board, which is exactly as it sounds. No one ever need find out your obsession with superhero socks!

Fancy giving it a go?

Want to try it out? The good news is if you are already associated with the social media juggernaut Facebook, you can safely create an account by associating it with your Facebook account. It will then indicate which of your other Facebook friends have boards, giving you the simple option to follow them too. Or just pop in your email account, add a password and start pinning. Be wary, it can get addictive!

Aim your online device over to: uk.pinterest.com and sign up for free.

Feel free to follow Identity Studio’s Pinterest boards while you are at it. You can see our latest Pins ‘Things On The Web That Have Caught Our Designer Eyes’ block on this page.

Recommendation – A little tip

Try following this simple little guide to add a Pinterest button to your browser:

All this does is add a small icon to your web browser’s window, so if you come across any online article that takes your fancy, just click it and it will give you the option to Pin that page (with your choice of image) to any of your boards. You can also hover over any image you find, and have the option to do the same. Quite handy, and makes Pinning a whole lot quicker.

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