Massey Ferguson Brand Guidelines

Future-facing but building on its strong heritage; we developed the Massey Ferguson Brand Identity and Guidelines to showcase the striking red and grey colours of the product and provide brand continuity across the globe.

Massey Ferguson Guidelines

We created an in-depth set of guidelines to ensure branding compliance across the globe

The Massey Ferguson palette and its colour values

Tips on how to achieve top quality photography

Helvetica was chosen as the MF brand typeface and licensed for use across all distributors

The 'power words' were translated, agreed locally then established as a brand rule

Massey Ferguson Guidelines show detailed use of the branding

On the back of Massey Ferguson’s 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2008, the MF team were eager to keep up the momentum of the brand’s exposure. So, while working on the event branding, it was key for us to work in tandem on the brand’s future identity, thus the requirement for brand guidelines was born. As a result, the new branding was actually revealed at the anniversary event to dealers and distributors from all around the globe. But prior to this, it was important that we had buy-in from key stakeholders across Europe, Africa and Middle East. This took the form of carefully constructed branding consultations and presentations.

Our largest challenge was to ensure that the brand was instantly recognisable all around the world. We decided the best way to do this was to take ownership of the strong Massey Ferguson colour – RED.The new products that were also being launched were utilising a new shade of red with a dark grey chassis – a move away from their previous black chassis. We wanted to make the branding as strong and readily defined as the tractor itself, and so we launched the ‘THINK RED’ branding.

As the new identity was to be implemented through the central marketing team into global distributors plus national and regional dealerships, it was paramount that there were clear guidelines in place to manage the brand. We developed a thorough but easy-to-follow set of Brand Guidelines, covering advertising, brochures, merchandising, vehicle livery and more – all with examples and templates to allow for worldwide synergy.


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