Lhoist Websites

Lhoist, a key global player within the lime industry.

A clean, dedicated product website was created packed with information.

Saniblanc D's site also included a bespoke purchase option.

Neutralac® SLS45

Neutralac® SLS45 is a Smart Liquid Lime, a speciality milk of lime designed for treating acidic waste water. Neutralac® SLS45 is one of several high-tech products manufactured by Lhoist UK.

The brief was for a responsive website that professionally and scientifically promoted the Neutralac® SLS45 product – with the ability to add articles and various application examples.

Visit: www.neutralac.co.uk

Saniblanc D

Prior to Neutralac® SLS45 was another Lhoist product, Saniblanc D. A dry powder sanitisation for the modern poultry farming and animal protection against all major infections.

Another dedicated product website was required, again filled with application and technical details. Here a bespoke quantity calculator was also incorporated to allow the consumer to input the ground area they required. The system would then work out how much of the product was needed thus taking the consumer through a WorldPay controlled checkout procedure to make their purchase.

Visit: www.saniblanc.co.uk


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