Coventry, a City of Rugby whiteboard animation

After developing the City of Rugby website for Engage! Coventry, Identity was asked to produce a whiteboard animation that promoted the glorious game of rugby.

The Identity Studio team devised a script and storyboard that would appeal to schools, rugby clubs, sporting associations and the key stakeholders that made up the ‘Coventry, a City of Rugby’ initiative. The key aim was to get Coventry involved in rugby at every level whether tag and touch, league or union, supporting or playing.

We decided to create a sports commentator style script with a lighthearted touch and plenty of rugby references. With a game kicking off in the background, the atmosphere set by the audio was well on the front foot!

Credits go to…

The animation starred Steve Spires (Actor: Dean Sheridanand Gaby Godiva (our very own Maxine Howe). And we kept it local by recording the voiceover at Born in a Barn Studio. Our thanks go to them for their unending patience, especially during the 20 retakes of the line “Just watch this space!”

See if you can spot the talented rugby stars depicted by our favourite illustrators Jamie Gibson and Kelvin Sprague. You’re sure to recognise a certain Wasps player that takes centre-stage in the whiteboard animation.


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