Brand Identities

We don't just deliver you a logo and say, "That's it!"

What is branding? Well, it isn’t complicated. Branding started out as just that – simply a way to identify one person’s cattle from another’s by means of a hot iron stamp. Hence brand identities are a way of distinguishing a specific product, service or business.

Brands can be made up of many forms, including: a name, logo, colour combination, slogan, tone of voice and, more subtly, its brand values. All of these contribute to its identity.

Brand Identities

Branding helps to identify the personality and the values of a product, service or company. In other words, it’s a means of relating to customers, staff, partners, investors, etc. That’s why we at Identity Studio treat a branding project from your stakeholders’ point of view.

We don’t just deliver you a logo and say, “That’s it!”

To start with, we give you a jolly good listening to, to understand what you’re trying to achieve. Next, we’ll research your customers and competitors, keeping in mind what’s going on in your industry and the design world. Only after these steps are complete will we formulate a branding proposal. And that will include a colour palette, fonts, imagery, your current key material and yes, a logo or three!

We will then work up a favourite and place it in visuals of your material so you can experience the whole new branding effect. Once satisfied, we provide you with your set of master logos and brand guidelines (if you need them).

If you like the sound of this approach – please get in touch with Maxine Or Kelvin 01926 777701!



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